Three and a half years ago, sitting in the sun at the Grote Markt, the thought came to us. After many travels through Europe and after spending the night in dozens of hostels, me and one of my friends asked ourselves: why isn’t there a proper hostel in The Hague yet? A couple of beers further down the evening we decided to just see whether we could open one ourselves. And once we looked a little further, it appeared that it might very well be possible to realise our dream. 

What followed was three years of bureaucratic struggles, getting lost in the real-estate market, failed negotiations, a business partner who decided to quit and wearing out contractors as if they were clothes bought at Primark. All this to end up with a new partner (Marcel: brother and hospitality multi-talent), a beautiful place at the Bierkade in The Hague and a brand new website.

The next three months we’ll be working our socks off to transform the building at the Bierkade into a cosy and small hostel, where you can of course also enjoy your (alcoholic) beverage of choice. We are going to use this website to keep you up to date with all the serious and not-so-serious issues and questions we’re going to face, and of course to show you what a beautiful city The Hague is. In short, why you should definitely pay us a visit come May!


We already have a logo!